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AMable Innovative Product Ideas

Experiments that challenge people and additive manufacturing technologies


The Individual Accordion

A dutch team has set the challenge to print accordions with individual size for young and individual musicians behind the instrument.


Medical Assistive Devices

A team from Greece and Italy has teamed up to create individual, antimicrobial and super-hydrophobic medical support devices.


Conformal Cooling Inserts

Partners from Austria and Italy have teamed up to create conformal cooling inserts by a new process called lithographical metal AM.


Outdoor Sensor Enclosures

Expert designers and users from Spain have teamed up to create cheap and individual but rugged sensor enclosures for challenging conditions.



Rugged Flying Coolers

A French / Spanish team takes the challenge to create light and small heat exchangers that sustain vibrations and shocks during the flight.


Featherlight Head Protection

A team from Spain aims to create head protection devices with enhanced safety while being lighter and providing an individual fit.


Titanium Direct Parts

A group from the Netherlands aims to reduce waste by making parts directly from the titanium wire to the final shape of their product.


Additive Vibration Sensor Cases

Development of additively manufactured casings for vibration sensors with individual shape and fixing.


New Hydraulic Hand Tools

Portable electrohydraulic tools for fast and user friendly field operation and repair.


Thermal Fabric Printing

3D printing of PEEK as a toughening mechanism for CFRP composites.


Individual Prothesis Adapters

Reinventing prothesis adapters for minimum weight, maximum performance and ideal comfort with custom design.


Multi Effect Dryer

Eco friendly industrial dryer with multi effect vaporisation mechanism through 3D printing.


The Adjustable Sole

Soles for sports, work and leisure shoes that provide adjustable stiffness.


Non-invasive Aquaculture Monitoring

Submersible camera housing for non-invasive monitoring of aquaculture environments.


Personalised Sports Helmets

Safety test and industrialization requirements for personalized sport helmets and personal protective equipment.


Optimised Mould Production

Precision printing of plastics parts through 3D cooling facilitated injection moulding tools.


Complex Rail Airducts

Construction of large and complex 3D geometry for rail vehicles build with certified additive manufacturing materials.

AMable Use Cases

We have collected a few cases here that consider to be typical for applications of additive manufacturing. They show the three key success factors in additve manufacturing: functional integration, manufacturability and cost-return balance. Read on ...

Motorbike Fork

Design and manufacture of an innovative motorbike fork.


K-Tech Suspension Limited

GRM Consulting

Suspension Component

LMS and Formula Student developing a suspension component.

Formula Student UK

Formula Student Germany

Vinyl Disk Cartridge

DTI and Ortofon A/S developing a new AM based catridge for vinyl lovers!


Ortofon A/S

Hydraulic Block

Development and production of an optimised hydraulic block.