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What is needed to help against COVID-19?

AMable aims to help against COVID-19. The virus currently affects public and private life and in many places, equipment is missing. That is where additive manufacturing can help.

AMable has been supporting SMEs in developing functional products that address specific  challenges in their area of business. However, it is now time to use these resources and existing knowledge to support our society.

There are two things:

We ask you to tell us about the challenges that you see:

What is missing to help against COVID-19? What function do you need – what do you need from a product, machine or tool in order to support efforts against illness from the infection or the spread of the virus.

Tell us about your challenge

We ask all enthusiasts/makers, all SMEs, all mid-caps and industry about your availability:

Are you able to take on a challenge?

  • We need people with great ideas on how to solve the challenge through functional products or components for such products.
  • We need people that are able to transfer ideas into technical solutions; people that can transfer functional requirements into parts, parts that can be produced by additive manufacturing.
  • We need people that can develop, model and construct technical parts, to match mechanical properties with materials and dimensions.
  • We need people, machines and material to produce final solutions.

Tell us about your availability

Our experts are ready to support all of these activities. Now, it is on for everyone. Tell your story and support our society.

We are there to help.

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Press Release AMable Call for Definition of Challenges

Please find below the link to the actual press release that informs about the call for the definition of challenges.

Link to our press releases