Formnext 2019 - a breath taking event

Thanks for visiting. We started early on Thursday to arrange the last flyers and to adjust all demonstrators. And then, different from many other exhibitions, the first of you talked to us at 09:30. The main topic was on services. These services stand at the core of our platform to support you in getting additive.

Most of your questions asked what that means - "support through services". And that is basically very simple. Our aim is to help you to grow. The AMable Services Arena is not meant to deliver a solution. It is meant to guide you through tools and processes so that you are enabled to do it yourself in the future.

Some of you asked if you would need to take the entire journey of some of the services. No. You can tailor the scope of each service to your individual needs. You define the starting point, you define the endpoint. And if you discover that you need to extend the scope - go ahead. Get additive!

Formnext has been of great value to us. We hope, it was of value to you, too.